EON Sports VR is a company that makes virtual reality (VR) technology with a focus on sports. They hired me to do assorted graphic design tasks for them, especially for two of their recent products, Canes VR and LionVision VR, which are apps featuring behind-the-scenes experiences of the varsity football teams of the University of Miami (Hurricanes) and Penn State (Nittany Lions).

I used Adobe Photoshop to accomplish all of these graphic design tasks.

360° Stadium Picture

The client needed me to fix a few problems with his 360-degree photograph of a Madrid soccer stadium: There was a noticeable shadow cast on the ground of the tripod-mounted camera, the colors of the photo were dull, and there were a few spots of dirt or water on the camera lens that ended up in the photo.

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I fixed these problems by digitally “erasing” the camera’s shadow and the dirty spots, and I enhanced the colors and contrast of the photo to make it more visually impressive.

Marketing Items

Hurricanes VR Experience poster

For both the Canes VR and LionVision VR apps, the client hired me to design a double-sided marketing piece in the shape of a standard business card, and a poster. The cards and posters were needed in a rush and on a low budget, so I had to make their designs simple. I based the color schemes of these marketing items on the respective university team’s colors: orange, green, and white for Canes, and dark blue and white for LionVision.

Both sides of the marketing card for LionVision and the poster for Canes are shown here:

Point-of-Purchase Displays

I made mockups of point-of-purchase (POP) displays that would hold Canes VR or LionVision VR headsets in retail stores. These mockup images I created were based on a photograph of an unrelated POP display, from which I heavily modified to match the branding of the EON Sports products. The client instructed me to use the marketing cards and posters I had designed earlier as parts of the POP displays’ designs.

These POP displays are almost identical to each other in design, but there are a couple differences besides the colors and names: We didn’t have a photo available of a person wearing a LionVision-themed VR headset, like the Hurricanes one. Instead, the client requested me to create a shelf on the top of the LionVision POP display (which would hold a VR headset on it).

App Store Images

I designed a series of images for the Canes and LionVision VR apps to be featured on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. These images contained screenshots of the apps overlaid on a larger background picture, each provided to me by the client.

Here are some of them:

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The client requested me to make the hovering screenshots appear at angles rather than straight on. For the first image shown here (with University of Miami basketball players), the client requested me to make the screenshot appear as if it were actually part of the background photo.

Client's Testimonial

On time, diligent, great work overall!

— Brendan Reilly

More Info

To learn more about these products, visit the EON Sports VR website.

What's Next?

If you or your company have products that need graphic design work, maybe I can help with that!

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