Mas Family Scholarships


I designed a banner for Mas Family Scholarships, a scholarship program specially for students of Cuban descent.

My client for this project directed me on how to design the banner: It should have a background mosaic of various students’ headshots in black and white, and the program’s logo should be overlaid on top of it.

There was an initial problem with the Mas Family Scholarships’ logo that the client provided to me: The largest available image of the logo was a mere 130 pixels tall in a PNG format, while the banner was required to be 750 pixels in height. PNG images cannot be enlarged without becoming blurry, so the only solution was for me to completely recreate the MFS logo from scratch. I made the revised logo in Adobe Illustrator using pure vector graphics, which enabled the image to be scaled up to any size without blurriness.

Client’s Testimonial

Damian did a great job for me. He followed exactly what I needed and seamlessly provided a solution when an issue came up. I would use him again. — Joseph Pinon