Robot Aviation

Photo manipulation and business cards

Robot Aviation is a company headquartered in Norway and the U.S. that manufactures Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) for industrial purposes. I was hired to do some small graphic design tasks for Robot Aviation.

Photographic Editing

The client requested me to digitally manipulate a photograph of one of Robot Aviation’s drones, which I achieved through Adobe Photoshop. Specifically I was to:

Original photograph of drone
The client’s original photo. (Click to view in larger size.)
Edited photograph of drone
The edited photo by me. (Click to view in larger size.)

In each instance of erasing, replacing, and repositioning the decals, I used Photoshop’s content-aware fill function over the original decal, which automatically fills in a selected area with the surrounding colors and textures—in this case, the drone’s reflective metal chassis. Content-aware fill doesn’t always have a perfect result, however, so sometimes I also needed to manually use Photoshop’s Patch tool to achieve a realistic look.

For replacing the decal of the SkyRobot RX80 logo, we didn’t have the font that the original logo used, but the client provided me an image of a logo for another SkyRobot model, the RX50, which used a different typeface. The model of the drone in this photograph, though, is actually supposed to be RX55 (not RX50), so I had to edit the zero in the RX50 logo image to a five before placing it in the photo.

The decal of the Robot Aviation logo was meant to be moved to another position, but technically I erased the logo entirely from the photo and then superimposed a separate copy of the logo in the new position. For both the RX55 and Robot Aviation logo decals, I used Photoshop’s opacity blending settings to create the realistic effect of appearing to being part of the drone’s shiny metallic surface.

Business Cards

The client also requested me to make double-sided business cards for a few Robot Aviation staff people, with the contact info on the front side and the company’s logo alone on the back.

Robot Aviation business card, front side Robot Aviation business card, back side

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