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Iristorm Design is the portfolio site of the freelance graphic designer and web developer Damian Schmidt. Hire me to create:

  • Websites
  • WordPress themes
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Photo manipulations
  • Infographics
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Branded materials
  • Posters
  • And more!
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My Portfolio

These are a few of the graphic design and web development jobs I’ve worked on. Click/tap on a project’s thumbnail to see the details about that project.

About Me

Photograph of Damian Schmidt

My name is Damian Schmidt and I’m a professional graphic designer and front-end web developer. Being freelance, I’m available for hire by anyone whenever they need my services for their projects.

I live in Massachusetts, and I work remotely via the Internet with clients elsewhere in the United States as well as in other countries globally. I’ve worked both with clients directly and with design agencies as a subcontractor.

On the popular job contract marketplace Upwork, I’m regarded a “top rated” freelancer for my “consistent and successful Upwork work history.”

I graduated with high honors from Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 2011 with a certificate in web page design and development. I keep my knowledge on the cutting-edge by regularly reading about the latest news in web technologies, trends, and tirades.

I took this career path because of my interest in things that can be created in a way that’s pleasant to look at yet also practical to use, blending form with function.

I’m creative, detail-oriented, organized, and driven to producing exceptional work. When I’m not doing design stuff, I might be secretly fighting crime in a colorful, skin-tight outfit.

My Skills and Tools

Building quality websites requires a range of different skills and tools.

  • HTML and XHTML
  • CSS
  • JSON, XML, and similar languages

  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js (a Vue.js web app I’ve been making will appear in my portfolio soon)
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • NPM
  • HTAccess

  • Adobe Photoshop for enhancing and manipulating photographs and other images
  • Adobe Illustrator for creating vector-based graphics such as logos and icons
  • Wacom Intuos, a graphics tablet for drawing with a digital pen

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code for web development
  • A variety of web browsers on laptop and desktop computers and smartphones for testing websites’ cross-browser compatibility; Google Chrome is the primary browser I use for development
  • Local by Flywheel for running a locally hosted web server on my computer for offline development
  • Git for managing versions of files
  • NPM and Gulp for automating various tasks in my development workflow (such as compiling SCSS, minifying CSS and JavaScript, and automatic page reloading)
  • FileOptimizer for reducing the file size of images for faster downloading
  • WinSCP for accessing files on a server via FTP/SFTP
  • WordPress for coding and testing custom-made WordPress themes
  • WooCommerce for setting up online stores on WordPress sites
  • MDN Web Docs and WordPress Code Reference for code references
  • Can I Use for checking statistics of current web browser compatibilities

Contact Me

You can reach me by either filling out the form here or emailing me at

I’m also on Twitter @damian_iristorm.

If you’re interested in hiring me to work on a project of yours, please describe an overview of your project and I can give you my quote.