Symbiomech Industries

Symbiomech Industries home page

Symbiomech Industries is a startup company in Massachusetts that makes modular robotic systems, and I designed and developed its website.

The Symbiomech Industries website has six major sections:

  • Hardware – Users can browse an online store for Symbiomech’s robot products and purchase them.
  • Software – Users can browse for and download robotics programs.
  • Services – Users can read about Symbiomech’s services and apply for them.
  • Reference – Users can learn how to operate their robots.
  • Company – Users can read about Symbiomech, its business goals, and its blog posts, as well as contact the company.
  • Forums – Users can discuss and collaborate with each other on their robot projects. Currently the forums section doesn’t exist on the website, but it’s planned for development later.
Product page on Symbiomech Industries website

Web Design

Symbiomech is initially focusing its products and services on the healthcare industry, so I made the website’s design sleek and clean like a hospital’s interior. I chose teal as the main accent color of the website to allude to the color of some hospital staff uniforms.

Symbiomech’s central product is a robotic unit named Cerebrum. The shape of the Cerebrum unit is hexagonal, and so on various elements of the website’s design, I used diagonal sides to allude to that.


The Symbiomech website has an online store containing both shippable hardware products and downloadable software products. The online store has categories and filters that allows shoppers to sort through the products. Customers are able to leave ratings and reviews on the pages of software products.

Symbiomech Industries logo

Logo Design

I designed the Symbiomech Industries logo, which is an abstract human hand with a gear as the palm. The hand and the gear appearing merged together symbolizes the company’s philosophy that there should be a harmonious, symbiotic relationship between humans (represented by the hand) and machines (represented by the gear).

I also designed the logo for Symbiomech’s flagship product, Cerebrum. The logo is the word “CEREBRUM” coming out of a large letter C which is shaped like a hexagon, alluding to the Cerebrum robot’s hexagonal shape.

Responsive-Width Layout

Because the Symbiomech website is expected to be frequently viewed on mobile devices as well as large computer monitors, I developed the website’s layout to responsively adapt to any size screen it’s displayed on.

WordPress Integration

I integrated the Symbiomech website with a content management system called WordPress. WordPress provides an easy-to-use interface that allows the staff of Symbiomech to quickly edit pages’ content, add new products to the online store, manage customers’ orders, write new blog posts, and more. The e-commerce functionality comes from the WooCommerce plugin.