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Zicronsoft is a personal brand for Peter Schmidt, a hobbyist computer programmer. I designed and developed the Zicronsoft website, which contains downloadable games and other computer programs developed by Peter, as well as blog posts he writes about hacking computers, tinkering with computer hardware, and other technical topics involving computers.

Web Design

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Considering the subject matter of the Zicronsoft website, I chose to design the website with a sort of computer hardware theme. The background has a circuit board pattern, and I applied a console-style typeface for headings and the Zicronsoft name. For the website’s main content area, I gave it a subtle sheen (creating the appearance of a metallic surface), and I put a brushed metal frame along the sides, and screws in the corners. The website’s red and yellow color scheme is derived from the Zicronsoft logo’s colors.

Logo Redesign

I designed the current Zicronsoft logo, which is a sleeker, more polished restyling of the original logo (which I hadn’t designed).

Original and redesigned Zicronsoft logos

WordPress Integration

I integrated the website with WordPress, which is a blogging system that gives website owners the ability to quickly and easily write blog posts on their websites. For the Zicronsoft website, WordPress provides additional features such as a public commenting system and a site-wide search feature.

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What's Next?

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