AEMTEK Email Signature

Web Design

AEMTEK is a laboratory that provides testing, research, training, and consulting services for various industries. I was hired by AEMTEK to design special signatures for the emails by their staff members.

The client provided me the company’s logo and all the information that was to appear in the email signature. I designed the layout of the signature that would look best based on the provided content while also making the overall signature compact, as the client requested.

Screenshot of AEMTEK email signature

Email Development

When I took on this project, I assumed it was going to be a quick and straightforward task. Developing an email signature is as easy as developing a tiny web page, right? Well… not quite.

This project was my first time designing something specially for the content of email, and in working on it, I realized that email technology is horribly outdated and limited. Anything beyond a simplistic one-column layout in emails usually requires the implementation of HTML tables, and advanced CSS techniques don’t work properly.

Basically, this means email design is still stuck in the 1990s, despite all the progress in web technology that’s been made since then.

Adding to the difficulty is the inconsistency between different email clients (Outlook versus Gmail, etc.), as they each display the content of emails differently in some cases. Therefore, the development of email layouts must be made with the lowest common denominator approach.

After some trial and error, I finally got the email signature to look right, and the client was pleased with the result.