MTG Deck Builder

Progressive web app with Vue.js

MTG Deck Builder is a web app for creating and managing decks for the collectible strategy card game Magic: The Gathering. I designed and developed it as a personal project mainly for my sake of learning and testing the JavaScript framework Vue.js, which this app has been built upon, as well as other advanced web technologies.

Home page of MTG Deck Builder
A screenshot of the home page of MTG Deck Builder. (Click to view image in a larger size.)

I recently (as of April 2021) finished developing MTG Deck Builder, and I plan on updating this article soon with deeper explanations about what the app can do and how I built it. In the meantime, I’m making it publicly available online now, so you can still get a sneak peak!

Note: The app works only on modern web browsers (sorry to the 2% of you still stuck on Internet Explorer), and at least for now, it’s best displayed on screens of about 1,000 pixels or wider (such as tablets and laptops or bigger, but not phones).