Winter Warland

Graphical user interface for video game

Winter Warland is an indie computer game involving kids who fight each other with snowballs while trying to prevent themselves from freezing. I designed many of the elements in the game’s graphical user interface.

I designed the graphics in Adobe Flash Professional (although the game itself does not run on the Flash platform).

Icon Design

I created 26 icons that appear in Winter Warland (some of them shown below).

Most of the icons represent items that characters can pick up during a match (such as ice skates and hot cocoa) or the playable character’s abilities that can be upgraded (such as throwing distance and boot traction).

Pockets upgrade icon
Pockets upgrade
Hot cocoa icon
Hot cocoa item
Resistance upgrade icon
Resistance upgrade
Traction upgrade icon
Traction upgrade
Ice scraper icon
Ice scraper item
Snowball density upgrade icon
Snowball density upgrade
Ice skates icon
Ice skates item
Snow-rolling speed icon
Snow-rolling speed upgrade
Lighter icon
Lighter item
Running speed upgrade icon
Running speed upgrade
Throw distance upgrade icon
Throw distance upgrade
Snowball maker icon
Snowball maker item
Warmth upgrade icon
Warmth upgrade
Snowblower icon
Snow­blower item
Balance upgrade icon
Balance upgrade
Level 1 snowball icon
Level 1 snowball
Level 2 snowball icon
Level 2 snowball
Level 3 snowball icon
Level 3 snowball
Level 5 snowball icon
Level 5 snowball
Red team's flag icon
Red team’s flag

GUI Design

Snowball-making progress meter
Snowball-making progress meter

I also designed certain other elements of Winter Warland’s graphical user interface, such as the snowball-building progress meter and the menu screens.

Winter Warland main menu screen
Main menu screen

More Info

For more details about Winter Warland and to download it, go to the game’s page on SourceForge.

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